Q. How to get in touch with the Technical support service online ?

A. Once the maintenance contract is purchased, register online from the Support page of the IGE+XAO web site. You can also call technical support and ask for details about this service. Each client will need their licence number and client ID to register. These services are reserved exclusively for clients with a current maintenance contract. If your maintenance contract expires then you won't be able to access the support pages any more until the maintenance is renewed.

Q. How to sign a maintenance contract ?

A. Before the end of the warranty period, you will automatically receive an estimate. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact your maintenance service. The estimate of renewal of the contract is generated two months before its expiry and is sent to you automatically.

Q. What is the role of the Electronic support?

A. The Support site for the clients is gradually enhanced by the Technical support. The knowledge database contains hundreds of documents on the products. The search can be made by product, version, language and functionality. Following the level of your contract, certain services are offered to you. The Technical support offers technical points on all the modules. Our section Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) offers the succinct replies to the frequently asked questions which we receive from our clients from all over the world, compiled from our database of the calls monitoring. The site of electronic support offers also a list of the procedures of resolving the most urgent problems and allows to the clients to send requests for update of the software. It is always faster to consult this database before contacting the support service.
Finally, the service of electronic support can connect you directly with an operator via your PC for online assistance.

Q. What are the languages used by the Technical support of IGE SA ?

A. There are 9, English, German, Dutch, French, Spanish, Chinese, Polish and Bulgarian.

Q. What is the nature of the modifications ?

A. These modifications correspond to the needs of the different natures.
Regulatory progress: Progress in relation to the specifications due to a modification of the legal texts (progress of the norm).
Corrective maintenance: Correction of certain reproducible errors reasonably. This allows providing the software programs with good quality of functioning.
Progressive maintenance : Ensemble of revisions, ameliorations. Provision of minor and major software programs, and update of the Documentation which is associated with them. These provisions include the ameliorations of the exploitation procedures, the minor developments, as well as certain analysis works and the functional progresses or technical which have to be realised in order to reply to the eventual users’ request’ and to be as close as possible to their work methods.
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