Availability of 2017/2018 financial report for IGE+XAO Group

Toulouse, 26 March 2019


In accordance with article 221-4 of AMF General Rules, IGE+XAO announces:


IGE+XAO Group’s financial report regarding the accounts closed out at 31 December 2018 is made available on the website www.ige-xao.com – Investors section – where it can be read or downloaded.


It can also be requested directly to the head office of the Company (IGE+XAO – 16 Boulevard Déodat de Séverac, CS 90312, 31773 Colomiers Cedex, France) or by email: solie@ige-xao.com / Tel.: + 33 5 62 74 36 36 / Fax: + 33 5 62 74 36 37.


Within the framework of regulated information, this financial report has been the subject of a full and actual deposit by electronic format to the AMF.



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