Press releases

2016-04-26 17:45:00
  The IGE+XAO Group (80% shareholder of Prosyst capital for the last 2 years) announces the integration of SEE Electrical Expert with Prosyst packages ODIL and SIMAC.   ODIL, which is deployed at PSA and Renault Groups, is a fully customizable software workbench for automation studies used to generate documentation, PLC programs and...
2015-12-14 17:45:00
  Toulouse, the IGE+XAO Group announces: Consolidated turnover for 1st quarter 2015/2016 (in IFRS...
2015-09-14 17:45:00
  Toulouse, the IGE+XAO Group announces: Consolidated turnover for 2014/2015 (in IFRS norms)
2015-06-11 17:45:00
 Toulouse, on 11 June 2015, the IGE+XAO Group announces:Consolidated turnover for 3rd quarter of 2014/2015 (in IFRS norms)
2015-05-20 17:45:00
IGE+XAO Group announces the creation of I.G.E.+X.A.O. DO BRASIL, a distribution and services subsidiary in Brazil.   This new company is based near São José dos Campos in the state of Sao Paulo, a technological park for businesses working in industries such as aerospace, automotive and new technologies in Latin America.   Tasked with...
2015-04-16 17:45:00
Hannover, Germany, April 16 2015   Having acquired 80% of Prosyst capital one year ago, IGE+XAO launches the Prosyst suite to its sales network. This trio of packages, dedicated to automation performance, covers the complete cycle, from design to operations.   The Prosyst suite is comprised of three major packages: ODIL, SIMAC and AIDMAP.   ODIL...
2015-04-14 17:45:00
Hannover, Germany, April 14 2015     At the occasion of the Hannover Fair, the IGE+XAO Group announces the launch of SEE Electrical 3D Panel. Created from IGE+XAO « SEE 3D Electrical » technology which was announced last year, this package simplifies component placement on DIN rails, the creation of drill...
2014-09-11 14:14:00
  Toulouse, the IGE+XAO Group announces: Consolidated turnover for 2013/2014 (in IFRS norms). (Period from 1 August 2013 to 31 July 2014).
2014-06-12 18:05:00
  Toulouse, IGE+XAO Group announcesConsolidated turnover for the third quarter of 2013/2014 (in IFRS norms).(Period from1 August 2013 to 30 April 2014).
2014-05-31 16:31:00
  In order to sustain its development, IGE+XAO moves to a new building starting June 2nd.2014. These new offices are located in a booming economic activity zone, the « ZAC Ramassiers », 5 minutes from the Toulouse Blagnac airport.   Please note our new headquarters address:   IGE+XAO16 boulevard Deodat de SeveracCS 90...

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