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IGE+XAO solutions for the Power Generation & Energy industry

The Power Generation & Energy Industry: 

  • safety,
  • alternative & sustainable energies,
  • smart supply and demand
  • smart grid
  • 24/7 operations
  • environmental regulations

… are some of the challenges that engineers in the Power Generation & Energy industry have to solve daily.


To help them, the IGE+XAO Group has developed a complete software range with strong competitive advantages: 

  • a complete offer that goes from a powerful Visio-based offer to "on-the-shelf" easy-to-use packages,
  • communication capabilities,
  • very large project management,
  • collaborative solution,
  • customizable and scalable solutions.


Portfolio EN - Power Generation  Energy


Electrical design 

SEE Electrical Expert
Wiring diagrams connected to 3D and PLM.
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SEE Electrical 
Intuitive and Versatile CAD software for all your electrical design needs.
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SEE Cabling
Cabling definition between equipment and for electrical panels.


System design 

SEE System Design 
Basic Engineering (System diagrams, P&ID,…) or Detail Engineering (Cabling diagrams, Wiring diagrams).
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Data management 

SEE Project Manager
Project management and versioning.
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SEE Compodata
Generation of online catalogues - Configuration of complex systems.
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Electrical manufacturing 

SEE Electrical 3D Panel+



All these packages can be connected to Mechanical CAD (such as CATIA…), PDM, ERP, etc.


Simulation & diagnostic





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