SEE Compodata  "Electrical Project Generator" : configure your electrical projects and generate automatically your electrical and fluid  schematics.


  • SEE CompoData automatically generates your electrical or fluid schematics with the «Electrical Project Generator» option.
  • From a Web browser, your customer or distributpr configures his product and SEE Compodata assist him in the selection process only proposing possible solutions (depending upon selected criteria).
  • At the end of the selection process, SEE Compodata generates the corresponding electrical project and documentation (based on pre-defined and customizable block assemblies).
  • In addition to the electrical project, SEE Compodata generates technical datasheets and  commercial offers which can be, if needed, added to a shopping basket.


Main features


  • Multi-scenarios ;
  • Dimensioning and calculations ;
  • Accessories, components and equivalences management ;
  • Direct choice  in result lists ;
  • Image selection.



  • Automatic creation  of electrical or fluid schematics  managed by the configurator ;
  • Technical datasheets / paper catalogues generation  ;
  • Graphical view  ;
  • Mecanichal CAD option (to provide 2D or 3D file corresponding to selected product) ;
  • Sales quotations ;
  • Order forms.


Sales management

  • Shopping basket management.



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