SEE Project Manager LT: get started with IGE+XAO Product Data Management!


The easy-to-use and simple-to-deploy documentation management package for teams that need fast deployment, fast ramp up and immediate ROI (Return-On-Investment).

 SEE Project Manager LT is dedicated to the management of electrical projects created with SEE Electrical or SEE Electrical Expert. It is a collaborative tool, and design teams can work together on an entire range of documents relating to an electrical project including third-party documents (Word, Excel, XML, jpg, etc.)

 It centralizes and secures all data and also integrates a « vault » management. It also enables project searching, referencing and re-using as well as the follow up of the tasks done on the files.


Key features


Project Management

- Centralized storage with automated vault replication
- Documentation management
       • SEE Electrical documents
       • SEE Electrical Expert documents
- Additional files management (.doc, .xls, pdf, .xml, .dwg, .jpg...)
- Document sharing
- Simple process management
- Pre-configured workflow
- Pre-configured user roles and statuses


Environment management* (symbols, part numbers, working methods, etc.)

- Bidirectional environment synchronization
- “Local environment” update according to “reference environment” (stored on server)
- Manual or automatic environment update
- Extractions (symbols, part numbers… added or modified in the local environment) can be sent to environment administrator for validation and implementation on the server “reference environment”
- Environment administration

* applies to SEE Electrical Expert only.


Key benefits


- Essential PDM capabilities available immediately
- Fully integrated with SEE Electrical Expert and SEE Electrical
- Immediate return-on-investment
- Simple and fast to install, set up and deploy (no IT expertise to operate and support)
- Secured archiving process
- Always up-to-date and validated projects and environments
- No need for high performance network
- Use of local machine full performance


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