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This package is no longer sold. Please refer to SEE Electrical Expert

Xelec was the fruit of close cooperation between IGE+XAO and the largest French industrial companies (Renault, Michelin, Aérospatiale). Xelec, a modular and evolutionary product, functioned on PC under Windows© NT.

Through its data handling capacity, Xelec was perfectly perfect for the realization of significant production lines. In addition to its functional richness, it was particularly well adapted to customers having to manage multiple relations with their subcontractors.


The Xelec software was composed of a whole range of modules in order to provide the following functions:


• creation and modification of diagrams using built-in symbol libraries,
• automatic numbering of components and equipotentials,
• checking of diagram coherence,
• automatic generation of panel terminal blocks,
• automatic generation of strands (cables wires),
• creation of cabling synoptics cohering with the schematic diagram,
• automatic generation of cables and terminal blocks, without the presence of terminals or cables in the schematic diagram,
• interactive modification of cabling with automatic updates of the modifications in the schematic diagram,
• automatic creation of part lists according to selected criteria choices,
• management of hardware catalogues and standards,
• automatic update of parts lists in the schematic and cabling diagrams,
• insertion of hardware in two or three dimensions with automatic generation of the various views,
• processing of security volumes between the hardware,
• insertion of components from the manufacturer's hardware catalogues or from the parts lists,
• associative drawing, sizing and hatchings.



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