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Domestic wiring diagram


Industry leader in electrical CAD software, IGE-XAO develops specific, advanced and high-performance products for the manufacturing, building and wiring harness design markets.



IGE-XAO : Domestic wiring diagram software for the building industry.

At the forefront of innovation, IGE-XAO offers construction electricians two complementary electrical CAD software packages; SEE Calculation designs and dimensions the installation, in conformity with NF 15-100 Norms; then SEE Electrical Building+ creates the installation plans for the electricians.


IGE-XAO provides electrical installation design software to improve manufacturing production costs, time and quality, for the special machines, energy production and shipbuilding industries; SEE Electrical, an intuitive and ergonomic planning package; SEE Electrical Expert for major production lines.



IGE-XAO: leader in electrical CAD software for Domestic wiring diagram

IGE-XAO has developed electrical CAD software suites specifically for avionics and transport professionals. One is SEE Electrical Expert, providing the power of an electrical CAD programme specialised in Harness/Cable Assembly design to manage schematics and generate wiring, cable and material lists.


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